a lil' bit

...about me... well... i'm a wanderer in the journey of art... life... love.. . enjoying the most out of every possible moment & experience that finds me.

i started drawing at an early age... since i was five.. scribbling illustrations that stemmed from my imagination (and comic books). my recent years working in graphic and web design has really finessed the growth in which my art is evolving.. and music has played significant role in driving me creatively. all my pieces are an expression of me.. of a moment.. an impulse... a fleeting glimpse of what goes on in my head. thank you for taking the time to get to know me, i hope you enjoy :)

my fuel for life:
[music + love] + [passion + persistence]...

areas i dabble in:
illustration | design | web design | ui design | concept

hmm... got a question? or just want to get to know me :)

thanks for takin' a gander into my world.. 

:: i believe in you. you should too ::

places you can find me...

  or any local coffee shop ;)

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