Monday, December 20, 2010

Visionary Feminists | Grrrls to the Front Show

so last thursday.. was my debut art showcase alongside a gathering amazing talented women artists and musicians. the event turned out AMAZING.. and i am still overwhelmed by the magnitude of positivity and responsiveness that came out of that show. i was a last minute add on.. and in a frenzy, produced these pieces in the last week... i'm pretty happy :).

prints to be available soon.. please contact me if you're interested. thank you everyone for your love and support... and supporting a great cause! you are all amazing.♥

all art is available for purchase, printed to order.  *custom sizes available upon request :]

get lost | 8x10
see me | 8x10
luscious | 8x10
don't bother me | 8x10
do it | 8x10

dreamer | 8x10

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