Monday, October 28, 2013


hi folks who visit my blog. i apologize for the lack of art that has graced this board..but thank you so much for keeping an eye out & for your interest :)

this has been a fascinating year of transition, growth & travel!

London >> Barcelona>> Nottingham... my 2nd trip abroad, to visit my love's old hometown & friends, with a side treat of the long awaited Spain in the middle. it was bloody cold and epic!

SF >> Oregon... the craziest SF pride ever.. and a chill 4th of July w/ close friends in Ashland, OR

Seattle, WA... to witness my first same sex wedding... in a beautiful cherry orchard amongst the hills.

Los Cabos. MX... our first relaxation-cation... in stunning mexico.

lately, my mind & heart have not been expressing themselves through illustration, rather.... in silent conversations and written & spoken word. this year has been a balance of social-stimulation.. reality checks and quiet nights of deep introspection & learning of myself. my dearest friends and my amazing partner have all been an integral part of my growth... their loving, challenging & inspiring nature. their presence is constantly changing my life. i have found my family.

i've been trying to get back into my creative groove, scouting for local art shows & sketching here and there... a bit scattered-brained these days..but its still in my veins. i feel art is coming soon.

thank you all for your attention & support.. you are very much appreciated.

love & respect, xo!

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